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The 60th AMW is currently joining in a partnership called, Tron Software, with the 437 AW, 15 Wg, 305 AMW, Joint Special Operations Command, Space Operations Center, Platform One, CORSAIR Ranch, and AFWERX to build a collaborative software innovation organization that can allow community-driven decisions, centralized support, and decentralized control/execution. We are actively creating partnerships between digital airmen & innovative businesses to solve problems through software!

Digital Aircrew Initiative, Mattermost

When COVID restrictions began in March of 2020, the 60th AMW quickly began working to find a lasting solution for remote collaboration that could handle both normal and FOUO/PII communications. Working with both DoD Platform One and Tron Software, Phoenix Spark helped to launch a DoD-wide version of Mattermost to support remote collaboration. Since that time, Phoenix Spark has continued to iterate, working with multiple AMC wings & staff agencies to build command-wide guidance & processes for utilizing the platform as a C2 capability.

Digital Aircrew Initiative, Puckboard

Puckboard is a live, collaborative scheduling platform available to servicemembers around the globe on your desktop, phone, or tablet--anywhere you have the internet! Build a schedule in minutes, with customizable roles, event types, and conflict settings. View your squadron or unit roster while you’re building the schedule, and see in real time who is available for missions.

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Help us to create an environment within the US military and government at large where any servicemember or government civilian can become educated and enabled to contribute to the software that runs their lives & the lives of the people they represent, whether through code, product ownership, design, or elsewhere, in a manner that brings programmatic decision authority to the people who are closest to the mission.

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Checkout the AFWERX SBIR page and the AFWERX SBIR Companies list first, search for companies with keywords containing "Unmanned Aerial Systems," and feel to reachout to any of them! When you feel like you are ready to move forward, come by during the Phoenix Spark walk-in hours on Fridays afteroons & we can talk next steps!

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