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Getting in touch for regular updates is the easiest way to learn more about Spark and how to leverage the innovation ecosystem for your projects. Click below to be added to our mailing lists for upcoming events, opportunities to tour Silicon Valley, and more. You can also send us an email anytime.

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Step 2. Identify Your Goals

Why do you want to enter into the innovation arena? Are you trying to solve a specific problem for your unit, launch your own team, learn to code or aquire a new toolset, enter the world of defense ventures & SBIR, or just tinker with cool tech? Knowing what your goals are will help you to navigate the wild west arena of tech in a much more intentional manner. You might even already have everything that you need to be successful right here!

Step 3. Peruse our Focus Areas

Keeping your goals in mind, take a look through the Focus Areas, linked here & in the top nav bar. Read through each section and take a look at the FAQs & knowledge bases linked therein. Here you will find quick descriptions of various ongoing projects, their intended outcomes, and most importantly, contact information for the government POCs who have walked the path already.

Note: If you cannot login to the knowledge bases, accomplish Step 3 (below) before this step.

Our Main Focus Areas:

Additive Manufacturing Digital Environments AR/VR sUAS (Drones)

Step 4. Sign up for Platform One SSO

Already have an account? You can skip to step 4.

Our knowledge bases and many of our digital applications live within the DoD Platform One (P1) environment. In order to access our knowledge bases, chat functions, or any other mission apps, you will need a P1 is the Single Sign On (SSO) account. This allows you to work on any device, in any of the mission apps (like Puckboard, Mattermost, & Widow) using a single password or CAC. All of this is available to anyone with a .mil email and CAC card.

Use the button below to find our step by step guide to creating your P1 account.

Note: This link takes you to an a different site, which, while looking suspiciously almost identical to this site, is not the same page.

Create your P1 Account

Step 5. Apply for a job

We are always looking for people wanting to be mentors for others, key innovators in functional areas, subject matter experts in our focus areas, and even full-time employees. If joining this community in a more permanent status seems interesting to you, then fill out our application form below!

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If you have questions, comments, or mean things to say, send us an email or come by on Friday afternoons to chat!

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